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Day 3

Life is really strange and uncertain right now, with a global pandemic sweeping all normality away, but there have been some positives; the sudden rise in instagram/facebook live acoustic performances has been brilliant. I performed on Facebook on the Sunday just gone, which felt great after weeks of lockdown/pandemonium and the seemingly never-ending cancellations of … Continue reading Day 3

Day 2

As you may have noticed, a lot more time has passed between these ‘day’ posts than one, but it seemed more fun to chronologicalise (is that a word, it should be a word) them in some way, soooo yeh. It’s the height of the Corona outbreak, March 18th 2020, it’s raining outside, my son is … Continue reading Day 2

Day 1

Hiya, for the latest on what I’m up to it’s probably best to keep up with my socials, but it’s fun to have a website right? A place to bring everything together, kinda. Well, here you can find my music, merch links, reviews and a link to my upcoming shows. I may also add others … Continue reading Day 1

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