Day 3

Life is really strange and uncertain right now, with a global pandemic sweeping all normality away, but there have been some positives; the sudden rise in instagram/facebook live acoustic performances has been brilliant. I performed on Facebook on the Sunday just gone, which felt great after weeks of lockdown/pandemonium and the seemingly never-ending cancellations of shows/tours/festivals. It was my first time hitting the web with my woeful tunes, but certainly not the last, it was really quite enjoyable to be honest. Big news to announce on Friday too, to break up the oddness.

Day 2

As you may have noticed, a lot more time has passed between these ‘day’ posts than one, but it seemed more fun to chronologicalise (is that a word, it should be a word) them in some way, soooo yeh. It’s the height of the Corona outbreak, March 18th 2020, it’s raining outside, my son is napping, peace at last. This is the final year of Brightr, you may or may not have heard, but I’m bring this beautifully gloomy thing to a close at the end of the year for a number of reasons. It feels exciting and right to give it a proper close, a proper expiry date, with shows and goodbyes and musical releases before the curtain falls. However, it appears this bloody virus wants to disrupt everything, so who knows, there may be a postponement of the end, but for now December 31st is the final credits roll pour moi.

Day 1

Hiya, for the latest on what I’m up to it’s probably best to keep up with my socials, but it’s fun to have a website right? A place to bring everything together, kinda. Well, here you can find my music, merch links, reviews and a link to my upcoming shows. I may also add others bits and pieces to here as I go along, but bare with me as my time is cut between a million people/places.

Thankyou for your support. Laurie // Brightr